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For curious minds, the biblio-source will bring many scientific references about e-sport. The idea came to me to make this bibliography because e-sport references are often unknown. In addition, the great bibliography proposed by TL Taylor inspired me: I tried to push a little more the idea with links and French references. Everyone can contribute … Lire la suite de Project description



The sources of e-sport Sources... origines, inspiration, informations, thinkings... in abundance! Sources… or origines of e-sport (all this blog). Sources… of inspiration. Launch of a French collective book. Sources… of informations. Launch of a collective bibliography, the biblio-source. Sources… of thinkings. Projects and past writings... the exchanges initiated in addition! Les sources… in abundance! We can developpe projects and maybe could … Lire la suite de About

From videogamer to e-sportsman : toward a growing professionalism of world-class players ?

Philippe Mora and Stéphane Héas This article wrote for a French universitary book coordinated by Mélanie Roustan. This article has been translated in Italian (in Doom. The first person reader). From videogamer to e-sportsman: toward a growing professionalism of world-class players is from now available for consultation on Internet. Thanks to Mélanie Roustan to allow this … Lire la suite de From videogamer to e-sportsman : toward a growing professionalism of world-class players ?

Behind e-sport: a conflict of online competitive game experts

Chapter of the book : Videogames: practices, contents and social stakes Tony Fortin, Philippe Mora and Laurent Trémel Summary Preface p. 9 Gilles Brougère Introduction p.15 Laurent Trémel Behind e-sport: a conflict of online competitive game experts p.25 Philippe Mora Civilisation games: a world representation to question p.123 Tony Fortin and Laurent Trémel Can videogames … Lire la suite de Behind e-sport: a conflict of online competitive game experts

HOLT Jason

Holt, J., 2016, Virtual domains for sports and games.Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 10, 2016 - Issue 1: Sport and Play in a Digital World. Abstract Videogames present deep challenges for traditional concepts of sport and games. Cybersport in particular suggests that sport might be transposed into digital arenas, and videogames in general provide apparently striking … Lire la suite de HOLT Jason


Witkowski, Emma. 2014. “Competition and Cooperation,” in B. Perron and M. J. Wolf, (eds.)  The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies. New York: Routledge. Abstract Within the study of video games lies a combination of various player practices, technologies, game structures, narrative elements, win conditions, and co-created performances and productions. With such an array of forms and cultures of … Lire la suite de WITKOWSKI Emma

WIMMER Jeffrey

Wimmer, Jeffrey. 2012. “Digital game culture(s) as prototype(s) of mediatization and commercialization of society.” In Computer Games and New Media Cultures: A Handbook of Digital Game Studies, J.  Fromme & Unger, A. (Eds.),  pp. 525-540, Berlin: Springer. Abstract In terms of communication and media studies, gaming constitutes an incredibly complex phenomenon of mediated communication that is based on … Lire la suite de WIMMER Jeffrey