Project description

For curious minds, the biblio-source will bring many scientific references about e-sport.

The idea came to me to make this bibliography because e-sport references are often unknown. In addition, the great bibliography proposed by TL Taylor inspired me: I tried to push a little more the idea with links and French references.

Everyone can contribute to the biblio-source!

To participate and improve this bibliography, nothing easier, there are three levels of referrals:

  • 1st level: The reference proper, in the format proposed by the biblio-source (some variations exist :-). This reference appears in the list.
  • 2nd level: research discipline (sociology, psychology, etc.) / games studied / types of players studied / main themes (2 or 3 words maximum). On another page dedicated to the reference.
  • 3rd level: it will be possible, finally, to make a small descriptive summary of the research. This summary is most often available.

It will also be useful to point out other references absent from the biblio-source!

And why not directly referencing the major articles on the internet that are not necessarily scientifics? To see, when the bibliography will be launched!


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